James Bullough – New Zealand

AKTUELL 11. März 2017

In March 2017 I traveled to Napier, New Zealand to take part in the ‚Sea Walls’ mural festival organized by Pangeaseed Foundation in order to bring awareness to ocean conservation issues through the production of public art throughout the world.  While in Napier I met with some of the local Maori natives who have lived on the land for generations and generations.  In speaking with them I learned of a legend of a local hero named Pania of the Reef who was the protector of the reef off of the coast of Napier.  Unfortunately through generations of pollution by humans the reefs around the globe, including the one in Napier, are dying at alarming rates.  I decided to paint a mural in honor of Pania but also bringing awareness to the issue of the dying reefs.  I painted Pania floating strong and hopeful over her reef even thought the reef below is dead and without life.  I also visually connected the reef in the painting with the mountains behind the building to show the connection between the see and the land and that in order to keep out land healthy, we must also protect our oceans.  James Bullough, 2017

Fotos © Courtesy James Bullough